O2 Forms is an online form builder tool that helps educational institutions to build beautiful and engaging web and mobile forms to collect and process data from their students and parents, streamline their business processes by replacing paper forms.

  • Easy to use form designer with 20+ data input controls to collect data.
  • Customize form(s) branding to match institution’s theme and brand.
  • Invite parents/students/partnersby email to fill form(s) or provide login option to secure form data input.
  • Embed forms in your institution’swebsite or other web sites or send the link in an email or in your social media page for participants to respond.
  • Responsive form design that fits all devices and screen resolutions.
  • Export data to excel for further analysis.
  • Reminder emails and response tracking.
  • Support to help you design and manage forms.
  • Collect files and signatures online.
  • Customized Thank You page upon successful form submission by a participant.
  • Custom printing option using word document.
  • No upfront costs and flexible pay as you go model.
  • Accessible at anytime from anywhere.
  • Helps you build forms to match your creativity to lead innovation in your institution.
  • Design the form(s) once and use it multiple times for multiple events.
  • Centralized online data collection and management instead of emails, phone calls and papers.

How it helps?

Build education forms to register students, intake and organize students info, collect fees, capture parent and student feedback, plan school events, and much more.

Customize forms to represent your school or university. Users can design and customize the following forms easily and create more forms as needed.

  • Student Registration
  • Student Emergency Contact
  • School Event planning and registration
  • Student and Parent feedback
  • Student Research
  • Online assignments
  • Parent Teacher communication
  • Surveys. Polls and Quizzes
  • Student transportation and lunch forms
  • Soft skills Training and seminars registration
  • Contests Registration

How to get started?

Access the site via https://www.o2forms.com link and sign up to activate your account. Once you activate your account, you can start creating forms and publish to your audience to collect and process data.

Questions / Comments?

Please call us or send us an email at support@o2forms.com. We would love to help you and hear your comments to help us serve you better.