Service Level Agreements

O2Forms 99.9% service level agreement (SLA)
We guarantee at least a 99.9% uptime per month. If we fall short, we will reimburse upon notification Standard and higher accounts with service credit in the form of additional days added to the end of the current service period.
99.9% Monthly Uptime Percentage calculates to approximately 43 minutes of potential non-scheduled downtime per month.
Downtime is the number of minutes our servers are inaccessible due to due to internal server errors and evidenced by our internal service logs showing accurate actual connection losses.
Service credit is only available to Standard or higher service level accounts in good standing. Credits will be awarded based on the Monthly Uptime Percentage:
Monthly Uptime Percentage Days of Service to extend account expiration date
Less than 99.9% 3 Days
Less than 99.% 7 Days
Less than 95.0% 15 Days
Receiving Service Credit
To receive any of the Service Credits described above, the account owner must notify O2 forms via email within thirty days from the time Customer becomes eligible to receive a Service Credit. No credits will be awarded beyond thirty days past the outage. The maximum number of service credit for all downtime occurring in a single calendar month is fifteen days.
The O2 forms SLA does not apply to any third-party services, including integrated services where the cause of the deficiency is found to be outside of O2Forms’s scope of control, or any performance issues not within the primary control of O2Forms.